Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this site?

To start, go to the submit page and type the content you wish to publish in the large textbox. This can be a list of links, just text or a mixture of both.

And what can I do with it?

Create lists, bookmarks, blogs, anything else you can think of. See these suggesions for more ideas.

Can you explain the passcode system a little more?

The passcode has two uses, to allow changes after submission and as an identifier. As there are no usernames to go with it, the passcode must be very long to be secure. Once you have created a passcode while submitting a paste, make sure to keep a copy of it somewhere safe. The passcode is then encrypted through a one way method - impossible for someone to reverse it. This encrypted version is then shown publicly and is something you can use to identify yourself with.

Clicking the passcode on a paste will show a list of all pastes with the same passcode. Entering your unencrypted passcode into the edit box at the bottom of a paste will allow changes to be made or for the paste to be deleted.

My link has a space in it! Can I still use it on Pasteshare?

Yes, replace each space with %20

How do I edit my paste?

Click the edit button at the bottom of your paste. You must have given a passcode when the paste was created. Enter it here to change the paste's content or link options, title or custom URL.

Do I have to include http:// or https:// for every link?

Only if a link requires https:// to work. If neither is present then all links will have http:// added automatically. Make sure they at least start with www.

Which links are converted and which aren't?

Generally, only those which start with http://, https://, ftp:// or www. will be converted. See this guide for a more in-depth answer with examples.

Can I stop a link from being clickable?

Yes, add << to the end and it will show as plain text. Example:<<
The brackets will also be hidden from view.

Why does hide from referrer not work for Google or Youtube?

It does, but as Google owns these sites it doesn't give a redirection warning.

Can I set a custom URL?

Yes, you can enter it when you create your paste by clicking 'more options'. You can also change it at any time by editing your paste using your passcode.

I accidentally removed my passcode on a paste! Can it be put back?

No, once you remove a passcode it’s gone forever.

I forgot the password to one of my private pastes, can I reset it if I have the passcode?

Yes, check the delete password button on the page.

What is the maximum length of text I can submit per paste?

Currently this is set to 180,000 characters.

Is there a limit to how much I can submit?


How does the password / passcode timeout system work?

Password timeouts are tied to specific pastes while passcode timeouts are site-wide.

I want to delete a paste I made but I didn’t create a passcode. Can this be done?

No, pastes created without a passcode are there forever – unless a copyright or claim of unlawful content is made.

I didn’t write down my passcode! Can I can get back?

Sorry but no, once you submit a passcode we encrypt it though a one-way method called hashing. So even if we wanted to we couldn’t get it back.